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Automated sprinkler systems have become quite common because they help reduce the time and effort spent watering vegetation. In addition, these devices are beneficial for saving resources as they can be configured to operate only when required.

Modern irrigation systems have advanced features that allow different watering schedules for individual landscape sections. The sprinklers can water each lawn area at a particular time according to its needs. The equipment can also control how much water should be used by adjusting the timer within the control panel.

Our sprinkler systems are available in different models and designs that give property owners a wide range of options. If you are looking for the best irrigation unit for a yard, contact our team of qualified professionals and request an assessment.

Benefits of Spray Irrigation

Traditional spray systems use a network of pipes, valves, and nozzles to consistently irrigate greenery. They are usually connected to an automatic timer that regulates the amount of water delivered each day. Underground sprinkler units are best suited for large areas like lawns, fields, golf courses, etcetera.

These spray irrigation devices can be classified by type: fixed and rotary. Fixed systems produce a steady stream of water that falls vertically. Rotary systems spin around a vertical axis, spraying out a curtain of water that falls in an arc shape.

All spray irrigation units can be used with drip irrigation to control how much water each plant receives throughout the day. Drip systems are designed with narrow tubes and water trickle emitters for sub-surface irrigation. They deliver water directly into the root zone at a low pressure over long periods of time.

Sprinkler System Installation

01. Assessment – The costs of installing a new system vary depending on the complexity of the project and the irrigation features. Some units use weather sensors to turn on the sprinklers when there is no rain, while others require manual activation by pushing a button. We can discuss all these options during a consultation.

02. Installation – Assembling an irrigation system is not something that an inexperienced individual should attempt. It requires proficiency and knowledge to ensure everything is done correctly. Our qualified technicians will design the irrigation system with the right parts and guarantee there are no issues with the equipment after the installation.

03. Maintenance – We also offer maintenance services to keep sprinkler systems operating at peak performance. A well-maintained irrigation unit can save water, reduce runoff and prevent plant diseases. Once you schedule an appointment with us, we will come out on a routine basis to service the lawn watering equipment.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Irrigation devices are an essential part of landscape vegetation. They can provide a beautiful, lush, green environment that neighbors envy. However, if a sprinkler system is not maintained correctly, it can lead to unnecessary expenses. A professional can help preserve the condition and functionality of your lawn watering equipment.

Irrigation maintenance typically involves inspecting and adjusting vital mechanical components on a routine basis. Some issues that a neglected sprinkler system can develop include faulty nozzles, broken underground pipes, and malfunctioning valves. If the equipment has any of these problems, fix the system promptly before the landscape starts to deteriorate.

Our technicians can troubleshoot problems with any brand of irrigation system. If mechanical parts need to be replaced, we will provide several options based on the needs of the landscape and your budget. We can also upgrade the equipment with modern irrigation technology to improve the efficiency of the sprinkler system.

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Our technicians are well-versed in all types of irrigation devices and landscape hydration. They have extensive training and experience in the industry to ensure that your lawn watering system will continuously operate at peak performance.


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Oscar Padilla Client

They managed to restore our irrigation system back into good working condition. Very fairly priced and they always pick up the phone when I call.

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Liz Martinez Client

The irrigation technician that came was extremely polite, professional, and straight forward with what needed to be done with my sprinkler system.

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Mac Edwards Client

We had a broken pipe and a few sprinkler heads that needed to be moved. They were able to make it out quickly and solve the issue at a great price.