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The purpose of an irrigation system is to hydrate vegetation to promote healthy growth while conserving resources. An irrigation device includes pipes, valves, and sprinklers that distribute water to plants. Irrigation units can be as simple as a single sprinkler zone or as complex as commercial-scale automated watering equipment with computerized control.

Most sprinkler devices last between 10 to 20 years, but some can last longer. Poorly installed equipment will have fewer quality parts and less redundancy in its design, which means it could break down more often. The best way to ensure a long-lasting irrigation system is to hire a professional contractor who installs units according to industry standards.

When a sprinkler system is not working right, it can be a significant problem. Not only do you lose water that could be used to irrigate vegetation, but it also means that plants will not get enough water, which can lead to landscape deterioration in some cases. Our team of trained technicians can come to your property, diagnose the problem, and fix the equipment as quickly as possible.

Sprinkler System Problems

Patchy lawn – If the lawn is patchy, it is probably due to poor watering practices, especially if the brown areas are around trees or other plants that need special attention. The water is not being distributed evenly, and some areas get too much water while others do not receive enough. Use the correct amount of water for each zone in the yard.

High water bill – A broken irrigation line can be a significant problem. The water bill continues to rise, and the lawn looks like it is turning into a swampy mess. The best thing to do is shut off the water source immediately. If you wait too long, we might have to replace part of the lawn.

Sputtering heads – Another common issue with sprinkler systems is that the heads can sputter and spit out water instead of spraying it evenly across the yard. This problem is rectified by cleaning the nozzles or replacing the faulty sprinklers if they are beyond repair.

Sprinkler Repair in McKinney

01. Assessment – Irrigation systems can be complex. When they break down, figuring out what is wrong will be challenging for an inexperienced individual. Before fixing the sprinkler system, a professional must assess the problem thoroughly. An inspection will determine the mechanical damage and how much time it will take to repair the unit.

02. Repair – Once we know what needs repairing, we will restore the functionality of the watering device. Our skilled technicians have years of experience working with all sprinkler systems and know how to improve them. We also utilize high-quality replacement parts to ensure the irrigation equipment performs at its best for years.

03. Maintenance – After our professional crew repairs the irrigation unit, we can schedule regular maintenance visits to prevent future malfunctions. Scheduling seasonal maintenance appointments will help us catch potential problems with the sprinkler system and protect the landscape vegetation.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – It is the process of protecting an irrigation system from cold and freezing temperatures. The most common sprinkler winterization method involves draining the water lines located under the yard. Other methods include insulating exposed components and using antifreeze liquid to protect the equipment.

Spring start-up – The best time to activate an irrigation device is during the spring when the weather is mild and there is no chance of frost. A qualified professional should perform the sprinkler start-up. The technician will turn on the water supply, inspect essential components, make the sprinkler system repair, and adjust watering patterns.

Backflow testing – Backflow devices prevent contaminants from entering the potable water supply. During a backflow test, a solution containing blue dye is injected into the main line. The substance flows through the pipes until it reaches a point where it should be stopped by air pressure. If there are problems with the backflow preventer, the solution will flow backward into the potable water supply. This can cause serious health problems for people who drink from the faucets.

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Our technicians are well-versed in all types of irrigation devices and landscape hydration. They have extensive training and experience in the industry to ensure that your lawn watering system will continuously operate at peak performance.


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Oscar Padilla Client

They managed to restore our irrigation system back into good working condition. Very fairly priced and they always pick up the phone when I call.

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Liz Martinez Client

The irrigation technician that came was extremely polite, professional, and straight forward with what needed to be done with my sprinkler system.

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Mac Edwards Client

We had a broken pipe and a few sprinkler heads that needed to be moved. They were able to make it out quickly and solve the issue at a great price.