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Many different irrigation systems are available on the market today, from drip irrigation to spray sprinklers. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, so choosing the right one is crucial. With the proper irrigation device, you can have a healthy, flourishing landscape.

However, an effective irrigation unit requires a thorough knowledge of the different mechanical components that can be utilized. It also requires understanding the precise volumes of water needed for each plant. Selecting a company that has experience with all kinds of equipment configurations is essential.

We have years of practice designing irrigation devices for commercial and residential landscapes, including lawns, athletic fields, golf courses, plant nurseries, and vegetable farms. No matter the situation, we will assemble an ideal system to keep the vegetation thriving.

Irrigation System Upgrade

Irrigation systems can be complex and challenging to maintain, especially if installed over 15 years ago. As time goes on, the equipment can become outdated and worn out. It is essential to know the current limitations of a lawn watering system and how it can improve with the advancements in modern irrigation technology.

The best irrigation units are computer-controlled and include sensors that tell the equipment when to turn on. The system will automatically adjust for rainfall and other weather factors. Hence, individuals do not have to worry about manually watering the vegetation daily, which can be an ordinary annoyance when time is limited.

Upgrading a sprinkler system can be a wise investment when it comes to landscape irrigation. Newer devices can provide better water coverage and energy efficiency. If you have an older unit installed in the yard and want to improve its performance dramatically, consider replacing the equipment with an advanced model.

Rerouting Sprinkler Lines

The most common reason for rerouting an irrigation system is to accommodate a change in landscape design. For example, if someone plans on extending the lawn, we will need to reroute the unit and ensure the sprinklers provide an ideal water coverage.

Rerouting sprinkler lines can be somewhat complex. It involves digging up the existing irrigation lines without damaging the equipment. Then removing, connecting, and adjusting the right parts without affecting the functionality of the irrigation device. This process is also time-consuming and requires considerable planning. As with any significant irrigation project, we recommend hiring a professional.

When doing an irrigation system reroute, our qualified technicians will guarantee that all components are correctly connected and confirm there are no leaks along the pipes. They will also ensure that all sprinkler heads are pointing in the right direction after being moved during the process. Lastly, we will check the water pressure to avoid irrigation coverage issues.

Irrigation Repair and Upkeep

Irrigation systems are an indispensable element of any landscape. They will keep the lawn green, the flowers blooming, and the plants thriving. However, irrigation devices need routine maintenance to function adequately. At the very least, the equipment should be serviced before the winter and when spring arrives.

Before winter, it is necessary to drain all of the water from the system with an air compressor. This process is called winterization. It protects the pipes, valves, and sprinklers from freezing temperatures. When spring arrives, we can also start up the irrigation system for the growing season. A professional will turn on the water supply and verify that all essential mechanical components operate efficiently.

When a sprinkler system is not working properly or is leaking, it can cause problems throughout the yard. If you are having issues with a malfunctioning unit, contact us as soon as possible before the landscape starts to deteriorate. Our technicians have experience working on all types of irrigation devices and can provide an exceptional service.

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Oscar Padilla Client

They managed to restore our irrigation system back into good working condition. Very fairly priced and they always pick up the phone when I call.

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Liz Martinez Client

The irrigation technician that came was extremely polite, professional, and straight forward with what needed to be done with my sprinkler system.

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Mac Edwards Client

We had a broken pipe and a few sprinkler heads that needed to be moved. They were able to make it out quickly and solve the issue at a great price.