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Irrigation systems supply water to areas of a landscape that need it. The equipment usually consists of a control panel, backflow preventer, underground pipes, irrigation valves, and nozzles that carry water from the source to its destination. These devices are commonly used in residential yards to hydrate the lawn, trees, and plants.

The life expectancy of an irrigation unit can vary greatly depending on the installation quality and how it is maintained. Nonetheless, most sprinkler systems last between 10 to 20 years. This does not mean that an irrigation device will stop working after that time, but it does mean that the equipment will need constant repairs due to wear and tear.

We have been providing irrigation maintenance services for years. When a problem occurs with a system, you must call an experienced professional to make the necessary sprinkler repair. Our technicians are trained to perform a wide range of tasks to preserve the optimal functionality of irrigation devices. They can fix, replace, or install new mechanical parts.

Sprinkler System Problems

Patchy lawn – One of the most common issues with sprinklers is that they do not provide enough water for the yard. This can result in patchy or uneven lawn growth, which looks unattractive and makes it hard for people to walk on the grass without stepping on dry spots. We can adjust the watering coverage of the sprinklers to fix this problem.

High water bill – A busted irrigation line will lead to a high-water bill and an unhealthy lawn. The easiest way to fix this issue is by replacing the section of the broken line. If you are unsure what section of the sprinkler system is broken, consult with an expert. A technician can quickly identify where the leak is coming from.

Sputtering heads – Debris can get into the nozzles of the sprinklers and prevent them from delivering water properly. This leads to a lack of water pressure when the irrigation equipment is active, which causes the sprinklers to sputter while spraying. We may need to clean or replace the faulty sprinkler heads.

Sprinkler Repair in Garland

01. Assessment – The first step in the irrigation repair process is to assess the system. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the watering equipment to determine which mechanical components are damaged. We will then provide an estimate based on the replacement parts, and the time it will take to repair the sprinkler system.

02. Repair – A professional will perform the necessary repairs to restore the functionality of the irrigation unit. This may include replacing worn parts such as valves, fixing busted underground lines, and adjusting the water pressure. Then, the technician will activate the sprinkler system to ensure it is operating flawlessly.

03. Maintenance – Once an irrigation device is repaired, maintenance is crucial. Regular upkeep can prevent future disrepairs and ensure the well-being of the landscape vegetation. You can schedule seasonal system inspections with a professional who can identify potential problems before the equipment malfunctions.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – Winterizing an irrigation system before the cold winter temperatures arrive ensures that you do not have to pay for expensive repairs during the spring once the sprinklers are activated again. If the equipment is not winterized correctly, the irrigation lines can freeze and burst, costing hundreds of dollars to repair.

Spring start-up – We can activate your sprinkler system once the growing season begins. An experienced technician will turn the main irrigation line, start each sprinkler zone, adjust all the nozzles, and make the necessary repairs. This maintenance task is essential to guarantee the healthy growth of the lawn, trees, and plants during the spring.

Backflow testing – This procedure ensures no contaminants enter the potable water supply. It examines the backflow prevention device attached to the irrigation system. The test is usually done at the beginning of each growing season or during repairs. In some states, backflow testing is required by law every year to protect public health.

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Our technicians are well-versed in all types of irrigation devices and landscape hydration. They have extensive training and experience in the industry to ensure that your lawn watering system will continuously operate at peak performance.


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Oscar Padilla Client

They managed to restore our irrigation system back into good working condition. Very fairly priced and they always pick up the phone when I call.

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Liz Martinez Client

The irrigation technician that came was extremely polite, professional, and straight forward with what needed to be done with my sprinkler system.

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Mac Edwards Client

We had a broken pipe and a few sprinkler heads that needed to be moved. They were able to make it out quickly and solve the issue at a great price.