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An irrigation system is a network of pipes, valves, and sprinklers that delivers water to the surrounding vegetation. Water flows through underground pipes to the sprinklers, where the liquid comes out under pressure. The pressure causes the water to spray out in all directions, irrigating the area around each sprinkler head.

The most crucial factor in determining the life of an irrigation device is how well it is maintained. Seasonal upkeep will extend the life of landscape watering equipment considerably. A professionally designed sprinkler unit can last between 10 to 20 years.

A neglected irrigation system can experience problems anytime. However, mechanical issues are more likely to occur during the summer when the weather is hot and dry. A damaged unit can waste significant water and deteriorate the vegetation. If the equipment is not performing optimally, get a sprinkler repair from a technician as soon as possible.

Sprinkler System Problems

Patchy lawn – If some sections of the yard are brown and others green, it could be due to an issue with the irrigation system. Either the water is not getting to those dry lawn sections, or liquid is not being distributed evenly by the sprinklers. If this is the case, we might need to adjust the water pressure or sprinkler heads.

High water bill – When an underground pipe breaks and floods the yard with water, it will increase the utility bill significantly. If left unattended, it can also cause damage to the landscape. With the appropriate tools, our irrigation technicians can detect the source of the leak and replace the broken pipe section on time.

Sputtering heads – This problem is usually caused by dirt or debris clogging the sprinklers. You can try using a screwdriver or another thin tool to remove any obstructions from the nozzles. If that does not work, a professional will have to replace the faulty sprinkler heads and adjust the water pressure of the system.

Sprinkler Repair in Carrollton

01. Assessment – When someone calls us for a sprinkler repair, we inspect the entire irrigation unit to search for potential issues. Our crew provides a report outlining the findings and recommendations to restore the functionality of the system. The client can then choose to move forward with the repair project or get a second opinion from another professional.

02. Repair – Once we have assessed the mechanical components of the irrigation device and identified the problems, we will replace the faulty parts with new ones. If necessary, our technicians will also dig the yard to fix any leaking underground pipes. Lastly, we test the equipment to ensure everything works flawlessly before leaving the property.

03. Maintenance – Like any other machine, sprinkler systems will constantly fail if maintenance is neglected. Maintenance should be done regularly to ensure that an irrigation unit works correctly during the hot summer. Seasonal upkeep is critical to preserve the health and beauty of a landscape.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – In areas that experience harsh winters, irrigation systems need to be deactivated and winterized to avoid frost damage. Water within the equipment will expand and break underground lines when temperatures drop below freezing levels. It is crucial to drain all water from the irrigation device with an air compressor before the cold temperatures arrive.

Spring start-up – The sprinkler start-up should occur during the growing season, which can vary from area to area. Typically, the growing season starts in March or April in northern regions and in February or March in southern regions. Our technicians can activate the sprinkler system if you have a large property with a complex landscape.

Backflow testing – In some states, backflow testing is a mandatory procedure that must be performed yearly to confirm that an irrigation system complies with the legal codes. This test aims to ensure that the backflow prevention device, which prevents water cross-contamination, is functioning correctly.

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Oscar Padilla Client

They managed to restore our irrigation system back into good working condition. Very fairly priced and they always pick up the phone when I call.

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Liz Martinez Client

The irrigation technician that came was extremely polite, professional, and straight forward with what needed to be done with my sprinkler system.

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Mac Edwards Client

We had a broken pipe and a few sprinkler heads that needed to be moved. They were able to make it out quickly and solve the issue at a great price.